Healthcare event Management system 

the healthcare event management system (HEMS) provides real-time location service designed to manage critical events within the healthcare environment.  each module of the mesh network supports critical actions ranging from hand hygiene compliance to labor and delivery security. 



infection reduction management system

the Infection reduction management system (IRMS) is the flagship HEMS Module designed to help healthcare organizations manage hand HYGIENE compliance.  HEMS provides real time oversight of hand washing and can issue INSTANTANEOUS alerts to caregivers and managers, as well as providing detailed reports at the iNdividual, floor, and organizational level  



Asset Location & tracking

hospitALS and other healthcare organizations spend countless man-hours locating essential equipEment.  the Asset location & tracking (ALT) module provides real-time data on the location of any designated asset within the hospital, maximizing equipment utilization and reducing losses from theft or neglect. 




Patient Locating Services

Whether ensuring the security of labor and delivery or analyzing patient throughput, patient locating services (PLS) should be an integral portion of your infrastructure.  the hospital-wide mesh network allows INSTANTANEOUS access to patient locations, departmentAL loiter timeS, and in the case of patients with altered mental state ,can dispatch alerts if they depart hospital grounds. 



Service enhancement system

The Service enhancement system (SES) is a problem reporting module designed to provide  the hospital with immediate feedback on equipment malfunctions or service breakdowns.  utilizing qr code and nfc technologies, anyone with a smartphone can send a trouble ticket and remediation work can be recorded in real time.