Hoang Nhu

CHief executive Officer

Mr. Nhu hAs over 30 years of experience in the Tech industry having held senior engineering and leadership positions for companies including BroadCom and Hewlett Packard. He holds an undergraduate degree from California Polytech and a graduate degree from the University of Washington. Mr. Nhu holds numerous patents in the Information Technology space as well as several patents supporting NousLogic's healthcare event management system.


Vu Theriot, MD

President and chief medical officer

Dr. Vu Theriot has over 25 years of experience In family medicine. He practices in Pasadena, TX as well as being credentialed at the surrounding area hospitals. Dr. Therio’s expertise in communicable disease as well as his strong engineering background provide a unique contribution as Nouslogic’s Chief medical officer and President. He holds an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Houston and received his MD from the Baylor College of Medicine, one of the top medical schools in the country.


Duy-Loan Le

Board Member / adviser

Ms. Le has extensive EXPERIENCE in the technology space and currently serves on the board of directors for cree, national instruments, ballard power systems and several other ORGANIZATIONS. she was the first female senior fellow at texas instruments in their 88 year history, and has held multiple operational and development positions in the semiconductor industry. ms. le brings a wealth of manufacturing and production experience to advise nouslogic. she holds an undergraduate degree from the university of texas in electrical engineering and a mba from university of houston.

West Bio Photo.jpg

Gavin W. West

Commercialization adviser

Gavin currently serves at COMMERCIALIZATION ADVISER for several companies including gen 1 research, hydor healthcare, nouslogic, and several others . He has served in advisory roles for several early stage companies including Revent Medical, Envoy Medical, and Virtuix, and has previously held senior sales and marketing positions at companies including Arthrocare and Stryker. Mr. West graduated from the Naval Academy and holds a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins. Prior to his career in the Medical Industry he was a Marine Infantry and Intelligence officer.


Hieu Huynh, DDS. JD.

chief counsel / adviser

Dr. Huynh has over two decades of experience in general dentistry. He is highly involved in governmental healthcare regulation for provider advocacy serving on many board of directorships of political and legislative action committees and local chambers of commerce. Dr. Huynh holds an undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Texas at Austin, his DDS degree from Baylor College of Dentistry and received his JD degree from South Texas College of Law-Houston.


Dr. William Nguyen

Board member / adviser

Dr. William H. Nguyen is a serial entrepreneur with a history of successful ventures in telecommunication technology, education, and computer/network/data security. He is the CEO of Kryptono Exchange and Co-founder of GIFTO. Over the past 10 years, William has built many social networking, on-demand video streaming, and telecommunication applications serving tens of millions of users worldwide in the areas of business communication, media, education, and entertainment. William is the former Alfred P. Sloan Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard Medical School. Before Harvard, he was the Institutional Doctoral Fellow in Computational Science at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.